Stitching / XML · 2006-06-20

XML haiku project, finished at last

Well, that took a long time… This week I finally finished the XML haiku cross-stitch project that I started in July of last year. The corner parts were just a killer — of course I saved them till last, and since they’re all the same color (and not terribly different from the fabric color), they were not exactly stimulating to work on, so I went several whole plane trips without pulling out the project even once. With hindsight, I can say that the lettering and the boat were the most fun to implement, and the design process (done oh so long ago), especially getting the “O” to echo the sunset, was the most fun overall. Biggest lesson learned: If I pass up stitching on a plane for some reason, and I continue to have terrible lighting in my TV room, stitching will simply Not Happen.

Completed XML Haiku cross-stitch project
Completed XML Haiku cross-stitch project

In case you’re having trouble reading that cool Asian-style font, yes, it does say:

Well-formed XML
Parsing is such sweet sorrow
Order but no gist

I’ve decided to try my hand at identity-stitching next, so stay tuned for more about that design process…