General · 2006-12-21

Five out of five!

I managed to infect all five of my victims successfully — Conor, Pat, Paul, JeffH (on his personal blog Eclectic Reflections, not on IdentityMeme), and John. (Although beware: You have to apply the not() filter to everything in JeffH’s post, contrarian that he is.)

Tim and I were comparing notes. He gets a style point for infecting someone from a distance but made the mistake of thinking he can get Lauren to do anything she doesn’t want to do. So I think I win. :-) (Hmm, I’m getting as blog-competitive as some other folks I know…)

Conor as much as admits a woman didn’t instigate the trouble (though I’m sure he mentally added “this time”, harrumph). Michelle, who I mentioned in my post but spared in my tagging, does the classic “I don’t care who started it, I’m stopping it right now” bit, but is nice enough to share five things anyway. If that doesn’t count as informed consent, I don’t know what does.