Security/identity · 2009-03-11

Cats and dogs living together at RSA

Coming to the RSA Conference next month? You won’t want to miss Harnessing the Power of Digital Identity: 2009 and the Promising Road Ahead, a free pre-conference workshop being held on April 20.

This will be a powerhouse day. It’s co-sponsored by (in alphabetical order) the Concordia Project, the DataPortability Project, the Information Card Foundation, the Liberty Alliance, the OpenID Foundation, and OSIS, and has a spectacular lineup of activities that will be relevant to pretty much anyone doing identity. The abstract says it all:

2009 represents the intersection of the enterprise and consumer identity marketplace. Is this intersection secure, private, and ready for primetime with distributed apps and services in the cloud? Come learn about the state-of-identity through a discussion of key drivers and demos of common scenarios, cross-protocol harmonization, and interop across federation, web services and information cards.

The best part: Even if you’re not going to RSA, you can get into the workshop for free; you just have to register. The registration instructions can be found on the workshop planning page.

The response has already been overwhelming. Don’t miss out! Sign up today. Free Sham-Wow to the first 50 registrants (kidding…).