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Parody 2.0

At the untalent show last Tuesday night we had some fun and some fine performances, including heathervescent‘s version of Total Eclipse of the Heart and several rounds of “PowerPoint Karaoke”, which (living under a rock as I do) I had never heard of before. Heather also invented the handing-out-drink-tickets method of getting people to perform — brilliant! Thanks to everyone who came up onto the stage, and to the event organizers for supplying the deejays.

To learn about my main contribution to the festivities, click to enlarge this all-important “Venn of identity parodies” diagram. (Who do I think I am — Paul Madsen?)

The Venn of identity parody songs

Here are the lyrics to the related ditty I performed, with apologies to Maria Muldaur (and the fine folks at OASIS!).

Midnight at the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
(original lyrics here)

Midnight at OASIS
Send your SAML to bed
Touching all of the bases
Graces schedules up ahead
Madsen‘s working the website
Formatting’s gone bust
Let’s just separate MAY, SHOULD,

Come on, Kavi is our friend
It’ll upload the spec
Come on till the ballot ends
Till the ballot ends
You don’t have to answer
You can just abstain
Mary‘s tally keeper
Deeper, to get us through the week

Gerry Beuchelt has already blogged another tune he and I warbled.

One last goodie: Click on the slide below to see a “singing presentation” that Gerry, Paul Bryan, and I prepared, with apologies to Dick Hardt

Parody 2.0

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