Security/identity · 2007-10-02

Evolutionary milestones in identity — for free!

Okay, last time I talked about this workshop I was speaking in Pirate so it’s worth making the point a little more clearly, in standard English this time. If you’re going to the Burton Catalyst conference later this month in Barcelona, you really owe it to yourself to sign up for the associated (free!) OASIS workshop. The title is “OASIS Identity and Trusted Infrastructure Workshop: Evolutionary Milestones”. I’ll be speaking there, and now with the latest Concordia workshop under my belt, I can comment on what we’ve learned from deployers about their multi-technology priorities and concerns, and what we’re doing to facilitate high-value choices among the various standards and interop efforts. (I rather like Paul Madsen’s take on how to categorize all the efforts, and hereby second the motion to standardize his boilerplate.)