Language / Stitching / XML · 2008-02-20


Lauren gives her take on our fiberrific outing (or would that be “fibriffic” spelled her way?). I guess I needn’t have been so coy about the identities of “my very experienced and talented knitting friends”, and as it happens, she and Yvonne are also my very knowledgeable and talented colleagues. Lauren has a great crafting blog; I hope Yvonne considers blogging her crafting adventures as well.

Lauren notes that the tech quotient of the actual event was low, but we suspected there were plenty of techie-types in attendance. As we went around the room doing introductions in my Charting class, I mentioned that I had designed some XML-related cross-stitch charts; one young woman piped up: “You mean like web services?” Yowza.

One more language note: I learned a great acronym from the Creative Crochet Lace book. It’s common to yield to temptation repeatedly and buy lots of yarn for what is called one’s “stash”. Eventually you run the risk of a terrible condition called SABLE: Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy. This is an addiction, folks — clearly we should be taking it much more seriously. Time to start a .org!