Security/identity · 2008-04-21

Project Concordia workshop results

It’s surprising which “worlds” can work together given a chance:

Creole Kosher Kitchen
(See whole photo essay here)

Paul is onto something with the notion of Project Concordia supporting the formation of creoles where we’ve been having to make do with pidgin.

It’s as if the kids, impatient with the limitations of the pidgin, decide to create a real language on their own.

If you were at the recent Concordia workshop, you might have noticed the palpable impatience on the part of deployers there. (If you couldn’t attend, you can have that special being-there experience by checking out the complete workshop notes, which I finally finished typing up last night after returning from my Honolulu Hiatus…)

We’ve got a next-steps telecon tomorrow, and if you were thinking about taking part in Concordia discussions, now’s a great time. So be akamai and check out the wiki for call info and how to join the email list.