Security/identity / Venn · 2008-04-22

The Venn in article form

(BUMPED because the free online copy of the article is now available. Entry originally posted April 10, 2008 @ 10:02 am.)

Drummond Reed and I undertook a fun and productive collaboration over the last few months, co-writing an article on The Venn of Identity for the new special issue of IEEE Security and Privacy magazine (here’s IEEE S&P subscription info).

The issue as a whole looks to be full of juicy stuff, with a good flow from more general topics (our article is a level-setter) to more specific and technical ones. Also, don’t miss the additional perspective Patrick Harding offers on his “dynamic SAML” article.

By special arrangement between Sun and IEEE, I’m able to make the Venn article available without fee. I haven’t gotten a final PDF copy back yet — the publishers are busy at the RSA conference this week! — so if you’re interested to snag it, note that I’ll update this entry — as well as my Publications page — when I get the file. (Update: Here you go!)

(And one more UPDATE to acknowledge the forebears of the Venn diagram since these wouldn’t fit in the article: Gary Ellison, Johannes Ernst, and Paul Madsen. More details on this history can be found in my initial post on the subject. Thanks, guys!)