Security/identity / Stitching · 2008-04-22

The whys of igovt

In keeping with its pragmatic approach to identity, the New Zealand State Services Commission is making its identity services friendlier and more responsive to people’s real needs. Part of this is a rebranding effort around “igovt”. Good stuff!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Colin Wallis, Bill Young, and Danny Mollan of the SSC on various efforts, such as the recent Project Concordia workshop activity. I’m really looking forward to the identity conference in Wellington, NZ next week — not only ’cause I get to experience the locale (though who could resist that??) but also because I’ll get to meet up with these folks and meet many others I know only as disembodied voices or by reputation.

The only potential downside: I heard today that I might not be able to carry knitting needles onto the plane. I can’t seem to verify that with an online source; it looks like they’re allowed. If anyone can confirm or deny, let me know! I should probably take heed of this Plan-B advice

[UPDATE: Arrgh. Right on my itinerary it says “In the interest of security and safety we would like to advise customers that sharp items and cutting implements of all types and sizes such as pocket knives, scissors, nail files, corkscrews, letter openers, knitting needles, realistic toy imitation weapons, razor blades etc, must be carried in checked luggage only.”]