General · 2009-01-31

Modern home entertainment: land of contrasts

To give our new 60″ high-def TV a good workout, we felt it was important to…regress to the 80’s and play the original Star Soldier as WiiWare. Ahh, there’s nothing like that tinkly music and unchanging shoot ’em up action.


Seriously: I love this game. Many years ago we gave names to the swarms of enemies. There’s the snails, the swallows, the figs, the peanuts… The trick with them all is, you have to use an aftermarket controller that has a turbo shooting button. I’ve got my original NES console, a super controller, and this game in storage somewhere, and after spending 500 Wii credits (US$5) to buy it all over again in this form, I’m embarrassed to say how much I’ve spent in peripherals just to play the damn thing properly.