ProtectServe · 2009-11-23

Discovery and OAuth and UMA – oh my

If you saw the ProtectServe status update from the Internet Identity Workshop in May, but haven’t taken a look since then, you’ll want to check out our progress on what has become User-Managed Access (“UMA”, pronounced like the actress…).

The proposition still centers on helping individuals gain better control of their data-sharing online, along with making it easier for identity-related data to live where it properly should — rather than being copied all over the place so that all the accuracy and freshness leaks out.

On our wiki you’ll now find a fledgling spec that profiles OAuth and its emerging discovery mechanisms XRD and LRDD. We’re also starting to collect a nice little bunch of diagrams and such, to help people understand what we’re up to. Click on the authorization flowchart to get to our “UMA Explained” area:

Access flowchart

Thanks to the Kantara Initiative participation rules, it’s easy and free to join the UMA group. If you’re interested to contribute use cases or thoughts on design or implementation talents, consider coming on board.