Music / Security/identity / Stitching · 2008-01-23

What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s a-happening

A little while back I did a podcast with Daniel Raskin on federated identity standards for Sun’s IdM Buzz blog. IdM Buzz is a font of useful information, and I encourage you to check it out, but I have to admit I delayed posting this podcast link because the filename they assigned it made my face turn red. :-)

Even though I was running on fumes when we did the recording (I give a hint as to why in the final minute or two…), I think we managed to put together some good, easily digestible information about standards that complements the new Government Computer News SAML cover story pretty well. If you found me here at Pushing String by reading that article and hunting for more info, I definitely recommend the podcast to you.

And now, here’s my chance to attempt the blog equivalent of a triple gainer: In the podcast I talk a tiny bit about my band. Recently we headed into the studio to record a demo CD (a blast and a half, and something that helped out a good cause). And what did I do while hanging out in the control room between takes? Domino knitting. Oh, yeah.

John in the control room, with Eve's knitting
Fearless leader John in the studio’s control room (see related Flickr set here)